GenStat Workshop Videos

In November 2010 a GenStat workshop for secondary school teachers was held at the University of Otago. Talks were given by David Baird of VSN (NZ) Limited and Jeanette Chapman, Head of Mathematics at Otago Girls High School.

Supplementary material for these videos is available in the following PDF documents:

1. Introduction

Introduction to free-to-use menu driven GenStat for Teaching and Learning (GTL) including an introductory lesson by David Baird showing data entry, spreadsheet manipulation, graphical procedures, simple analyses and transfer of results to Microsoft Word.

2. Bivariate Data Analysis

A lesson on Bivariate Data Analysis reflecting the Year 13 (final school year in New Zealand) unit standard on this topic in the New Zealand school curriculum presented by Jeanette Chapman, Head of Mathematics at Otago Girls High School.

3. Non Linear Models

A followup lesson on non linear models by Jeanette Chapman again reflecting the New Zealand Year 13 school curriculum.

4. Time Series Analysis

A lesson on Time Series Analysis reflecting the Unit Standard at Year 13 on time series presented by Jeanette Chapman.

5. Linear Regression

Illustration of linear regression options with case studies and a lesson on bootstrapping (about to be introduced to the New Zealand Year 13 statistics curriculum) presented by David Baird.

6. Where to from here?

A discussion on “where to from here” covering matters related to the installation of the software in schools, support available in future, perceived benefits of the package in helping the teaching and learning of statistics and intended use in junior schools and in biology classes.