Maui’s Dolphin: Uncovering a New Subspecies

Adam N. H. Smith

Measurements on North and South Island dolphin skulls are analysed and evidence produced showing that the South Island Hector dolphin and North Island Maui dolphin are separate subspecies.



The spreadsheet file Dolphins data.xls presents the data.

  • Task1.pdf contains instructions for an Excel analysis producing Descriptive statistics.
  • Task2.pdf uses boxplots to compare the North Island sample with the South Island sample.
  • Task2-StatPro.pdf uses StatPro to construct boxplots.
  • Task3.pdf carries out an hypothesis test to compare two samples.
  • Task4.pdf investigates correlation between measurements.
  • Task5.pdf estimates values of one measurement from another using regression.
  • The spreadsheet file Dolphin-TeachersCopy.xls gives the results of these six tasks.

If you have access to GenStat, you can go through the lesson Dolphin-GenStat.pdf.

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