Property Sales in North Shore City

Neil Binnie

This study investigates residential property sales in North Shore City, Auckland, between 1999 and 2007.



The video explores the Excel data file North Shore 99-07 December.xls which has 3788 property sales from 1999 to 2007. A number of tasks are suggested below. There is a teachers’ copy of some answers to the tasks in the file PropertySales-TeachersCopy.xls

The tasks are described in the following files:

  • Task 1.pdf: Descriptive statistics of continuous variables
  • Task 2.pdf: Exploring how the property market is performing
  • Task 3-StatPro.pdf: Comparing the median selling prices using boxplots (instructions for StatPro+Excel)
  • Task 3.pdf: Comparing the median selling prices using boxplots (instruction for Excel)
  • Task 4.pdf: Difference between the List Price and the Selling Price
  • Task 5.pdf: Difference between the Selling Price and the Government Valuation

Two additional data files are attached for further investigation:

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