Statistical Analysis of Trace Metals in New Zealand Dredge Oysters

Barry Peake

Trace metal levels in oysters from 14 sites around the South island of New Zealand are recorded and analysed with a view to identifying the origin of oysters sold in the fish shops of New Zealand. The distributions of the different trace metals are investigated, clear differences between the sites identified with the individual variables and principal components introduced as a means of combining the results from all the trace metals combined. This analysis has been applied to other sea food products.



The data for this study is in the file OystersData.xls

The location codes in the data file correspond to the following locations in New Zealand’s South Island:

  • Fd is Fiordland (Chalky Inlet)
  • T1 and T2 are both in Tasman Bay
  • OB is Oyster Bay
  • PU is Port Underwood
  • SB is Sawyers Bay, Otago Harbour
  • Bh is Bluff Harbour
  • Ch is Chatham Island
  • F1 to F6 are all in Foveaux Strait

If you have access to GenStat, you can go through the lesson Oysters-GenStat.pdf

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